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I thank you for having chosen Gold Seal Medical College as your home away from home. I further extend my gratitude to parents and guardians for having entrusted us with the education of their children.

Gold Seal Medical College rise to prominence has been the result of many factors: the contribution of dedicated staff, the enthusiasm and inventiveness of the Board of Directors and the active engagement of our Government, Donors, Partners and Supporters from all walks of life and sectors. However, more importantly, the Management, the College Board, as well as the Academic and Administrative staff, have all played an enormous role in ensuring that the College shine.

I invite you to explore the outstanding teaching, support, flexibility and academic programs and extra-curricular offerings which Gold Seal Medical College has. All these elements come together to create a transformational student experience. Our students are the emerging leaders who will help shape tomorrow’s world. I am confident that the GSMC community of today and tomorrow will add to this prestigious reputation which GSMC has built and established over the years.

What GSMC has to offer is what sets us apart from Tanzania’s many other institutions and so you have made the right choice by having chosen this College as your new home.


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Gold Seal Medical College


  1. Dirisha la maombi lipo wazi, tuma maombi sasa kupitia tovuti ya chuo.
  2. Ofa ya Bima ya Afya kwa wanafunzi 100 watakaowahi kutuma maombi.
  3. Ada ni 1,600,000/= na inalipwa kwa awamu nne.
  4. Piga kwende namba +255 759 311 827 kupata maelezo zaidi.

Karibu Chuo cha Afya Gold Seal-Singida, Elimu Bora kwa Afya Bora.

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