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The college is located at an advantageous site, which accommodates any rate of expansion; the site has more than 20 hectares, is available and cheap water resources. We have a loving strong team to ensure resources are available for any expansion activity. In terms of academic development, it is envisaged that the college will steadily grow in the next one year to include all diplomas in health and in the next five years it will start providing various degrees in health.

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Gold Seal Medical College


  1. Dirisha la maombi lipo wazi, tuma maombi sasa kupitia tovuti ya chuo.
  2. Ofa ya Bima ya Afya kwa wanafunzi 100 watakaowahi kutuma maombi.
  3. Ada ni 1,600,000/= na inalipwa kwa awamu nne.
  4. Piga kwende namba +255 759 311 827 kupata maelezo zaidi.

Karibu Chuo cha Afya Gold Seal-Singida, Elimu Bora kwa Afya Bora.

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