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Being a medical College, the wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance. The College management will make sure that the college environment is condusive for both learning process and living.

To Start with, the college has a well stone fanced compound of about 30 hacters, installed CCTV cameras and security guards for 24 hours.

The Studying environment meets NACTE and Pharmacy council requirements with modern classrooms which are well ventilated and spacious enough to avoid overcrowding.

The domitories for boarding students are modern self contained rooms.

GSMC management is committed to ensure that students are provided the best learning environment all the time.

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Gold Seal Medical College


  1. Dirisha la maombi lipo wazi, tuma maombi sasa kupitia tovuti ya chuo.
  2. Ofa ya Bima ya Afya kwa wanafunzi 100 watakaowahi kutuma maombi.
  3. Ada ni 1,600,000/= na inalipwa kwa awamu nne.
  4. Piga kwende namba +255 759 311 827 kupata maelezo zaidi.

Karibu Chuo cha Afya Gold Seal-Singida, Elimu Bora kwa Afya Bora.

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