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Technician Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The duration of the course is two years

Qualifications: A qualified student to study this two year course must have completed Ordinary level of Secondary education (Form 4 in Tanzania or translated results if studied outside Tanzania)

Holders of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with four passes in non-religious subject including ‘D’ passes in Chemistry and Biology.

Apply directly to the College

Download the Application form or collect from GSMC Main campus SINGIDA is located in Singida Municipal at Mangua Njuki ward, about 8 km from the city Center


  • Holder of Certificate NTA level 4 in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Basic Technician Certificate and Transcript in the related field  

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Gold Seal Medical College


  1. Dirisha la maombi lipo wazi, tuma maombi sasa kupitia tovuti ya chuo.
  2. Ofa ya Bima ya Afya kwa wanafunzi 100 watakaowahi kutuma maombi.
  3. Ada ni 1,600,000/= na inalipwa kwa awamu nne.
  4. Piga kwende namba +255 759 311 827 kupata maelezo zaidi.

Karibu Chuo cha Afya Gold Seal-Singida, Elimu Bora kwa Afya Bora.

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