The name Gold Seal came from a combination of two major important brands; a Golden seal medicinal plant also called yellow puccoon or orange root and the Gold Seal International Quality and Safety Certification programs. Medicinal plants are a key philosophy in pharmaceutical practices and a major source of healing, while the Gold Seal International Quality and Safety Certification has set standards in various professional practices . To us, the name suggests a Vision to make both the parent company ‘the Gold Company Limited (GSCL)’ and the Gold Seal Medical College (GSMC) become a center of reference in quality and safety in the ways of conduct and activities.

The College

The Gold Seal Medical College trains in the field of health sciences; the idea at the heart of the inception of this college started in the year 2018 among renowned health and information technology professionals in this country. The motivation and zeal came from the passion and commitment to serving humanity. It is the founders’ belief that a well trained health professional with adequate knowledge, skills set and balanced attitude is an essential component of quality health care provision and a nidus of well being. A healthy population contributes positively towards the national development agenda.

In tandem with the National and NACTE mission and vision, GSMC envisions competence based training which uses evidence based and well tested teaching resources to produce highly motivated and ethical human resource for health. It is herewith guaranteed that training here will produce young Tanzanians capable of working independently, at the same time remaining advisable and flexible. ICT shall be one of the key tools in knowledge delivery, hands on will ensure quality skills transfer, while mentorship shall be our ever living treasure. In short at GSMC, Excellence has found its home and a Bright future is guaranteed. Join us and enjoy the realization of what you wished to be.

GSMC is an institution operating under Gold Seal Company Limited, initiated to compliment the Government efforts to provide various services, health being one of them. The company is located in Singida Municipal at Mangua njuki ward, about 8 km from the city center. The Board of Directors appeals to parents and all young Tanzanians who dream to become life changers to join Gold Seal Medical College. The company shall strive to ensure that the college leads in all frontier of medical training, and that no stone shall remain unturned in unleashing full potential of the college in providing quality and healthy learning environment to our students.

Location and Premises of the College

GSCM is very close to the Mwanza road, in fact, it is just four steps and one finds him/herself inside the college gate. We have very beautiful hostels; each of our hostel rooms has a toilet inside and a wide space which is well illuminated. We have adequate classes with a potential to expand to accommodate any allowable number of students. We have a well equipped kitchen with an open restaurant capable of serving all of our students. There is both piped water supply from SUWASA and a bore hole water source with a large reservoir tank of more than 300,000 liters, here water is not a problem. Hostels’ environment is extremely clean and well maintained, it has plenty of spaces for outdoor discussion while students enjoy the soothing sunset at the college. There is a well constructed strong stone fence which provides security to our students; in addition, CCTV cameras are available. Our students will live to narrate the beauty of the learning environment which is coupled with smooth and steady learning activities.

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